The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 45

W h at i s You r Real i t y By Coach Ri t a Hu r r y W hat is your current reality? Is it stressful and not a happy place to be? Or is it fun and adventurous and keeps you smiling all the time? Unfortunately, for many it?s not the latter. Many of us live a life of worry and stress and too many of us settle for this way too easily. We think it?s all we are going to get in this life and if you are of the belief that ?life is hard?then yes? it sure will be. We are Creat ors ?Energy flows where focus goes?. So if your focus is on struggle, then guess what? Yes, you will get more of this. But you know this already. As someone who is fully aware of the Law of Attraction Principals, you are fully aware that ?like attracts like?. The struggle right now is how do you turn things around? Firstly, reminding yourself that you are a Creator in this life with The Universe and your Higher Being is a great start. If someone asked you the question ?Do you enjoying struggling?? you would respond ?no way? right? If you had the opportunity to recreate the current situation, you would take it. Well you do have the opportunity, so why don?t you? The reason is that we often forget what a powerful deliberate Creator we really are. We begin to follow, instead of leading our life in the direction that we want it to go in. Begin to recognise your power. Take it out of the corner where you placed it and open it up again to lead you out of the darkn W72