The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 43

Law of At t ract i on Journal i ng How Del i berat i ng Pi ck i ng a Few Words Can I mprove Your Li fe by M i chael Pearl man, M .D. I?ve always been involved with helping people I love and that aligned me with the work of awakening to my purpose. However, like most, I was often taken over by discordant and challenging thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Sometimes I'd be consumed by what was uncomfortable and other times I was quite clear? almost enlightened. Discovering two streams of consciousness, my soul?s desires on the one hand, and the conditioned being on the other, was the dichotomy that I grappled with. I now realize that I have always been guided, even in my darker moments, by my soul's insistence that I awaken to the highest expression of who and what I am. truth of their experience. When that happened, a light went on for both of us; the light of clarity was the healing factor. Law of Attraction Journaling was born as a way of allowing people to get to this place themselves via a series of journaling prompts and guidance. We get at our truth by writing down our thoughts, our words and their unique meaning to us. Experiences, good and bad, are our guidance, fertilizer that we use to grow our gardens. Because we have so many thoughts going through our heads every moment of every day, without writing them down, it?s impossible to actually see what we?re thinking about. When written, you see Becoming a psychiatrist was a natural evolution, them, feel them, appreciate them and are clear of the path of least resistance. The idea of writing the thoughts. They are pinned to your Journal page. The process of writing down our thoughts things down came to me while working with patients; I couldn't follow what they were saying compels us to acknowledge our challenges, a crucial step to fully activate the Law of Attraction. and I was getting headaches trying to figure it out. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we often forget that. I know that Then I discovered that both the patient and I we're here for a purpose; we're here to enjoy the would become clear when I wrote down what they said. I had even hooked up a TV screen to a gardens we?ve been given and to be of service. However, to do that we must acknowledge and keyboard so they could see what they were balance two distinct streams of thinking as I was typing their words. I painconsciousness? soul and body-mind? and stakingly paid attention to what they said, this appreciate the contrast of these two structures. word, that thought,