The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 41

inner self, who remains nonphysically focused. Your inner self is you. It?s the larger part of you. It is the inner you. Your inner self is your guide while you experience physical life in this incarnation of self. So then, if you came from the nonphysical and you chose to be in this physical life, why did you want to do that? What is it about physical life that would make a nonphysical being want to come here? Because it?s fun. Because you get to actually experience things on another level altogether. Because it expands your perspective. Because it?s interesting. Why do you want to go to Disney World? It?s the same concept. From your perspective, you would not want to experience any discomfort, any sorrow, any struggle, or anything negative. Yet, these are clarifying moments and they help you to understand just how wonderful the wonderful moments are. In the nonphysical, you live blissfully free from fear or discomfort of any kind. However, you cannot really experience anything. It?s like watching a film of a roller coaster ride and then experiencing the real, tangible thrill of the ride itself. The physical experience is exhilarating. If you come here for the fun and adventure of physical experience, are there any rules? Won?t you be judged on how well you do? Aren?t there things you need to get done? Certainly, you must help others, right? Certainly, you must live good and proper lives if you want to get the most out of this life and be judged favorably for your actions, right? There are no rules you must follow. There are laws which govern the operating system, but you are free to do what you like and utilize those laws for good or bad, for right or wrong. However, we must express to you that there is no wrong or bad anywhere in the universe, including here on Earth. What you judge as bad or wrong is due to your limited perspective. From the larger perspective, there is no wrong and there can be nothing bad. In fact, in the nonphysical realm there is no judgment of any kind. Everything is considered good and right. Everyone gets to go back to Heaven regardless of their actions, attitudes, and behaviors while on Earth. Hitler is in Heaven right now. However, you wouldn?t recognize him. Imagine going to a playground where you could do anything you wanted and there was no possibility of anything bad happening. You could play on all the equipment and you could never get hurt. You could play rough with your friends and they could never get hurt because no matter what happened on the playground, as soon as you stepped off it, you were fully healed instantly. Earth is the playground we are referring to and everyone on it is a friend. You might play lovingly and gently with them, or you might be very rough. But once you step off, you will instantly be relieved on any pain, any