The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 40

Ever yone Goes to Heaven There is a great debate among humans as to where one goes when one dies. Some say Heaven, some say nowhere, some don?t know, and many don?t want to think about it. If there is a Heaven, a place of joy, peace, and bliss, then the good people must go there. But what about the bad people? The good people deserve to go to a good place when they die. They did good things. They lived the right way. They helped other people. They loved people and managed their behavior in such a way that society judged them to be good. Certainly, their good behavior grants them special consideration in the afterlife, doesn?t it? Well, sorry to say, it just doesn?t work this way. You?re looking at the whole thing from a human perspective. If you can look at it from our nonphysical perspective, you can see how things really work. So do You... (Even Hitler ) By Josh u a Th r ou gh t h e Ch an n el of Gar y Tem pl e Bodl ey Page 40 - December, 2015 Imagine that you were in Heaven first and from there you decided to come to Earth. Right now you think you existed on Earth first and then you?ll be going to Heaven for the first time (or Hell if you don?t make the cut). But this is a flawed premise. You must have come from somewhere. You didn?t just pop into reality out of thin air. You chose to come here from your place in Heaven, or as we call it, nonphysical. There is physical reality and there is nonphysical reality. You are not either here or there, you are always here and there. You exist in both realities simultaneously. As you are living your physical existence, believing that what you?re experiencing is physical reality, there is a part of you, your