The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 36

physical and you can learn to be your soul and be soul-directed. In liminal space you are being asked to occupy the present moment fully, to be still and transparent. Here you must be comfortable being timeless, you must become the pause. Liminal space acts like a magnet. Its very openness and peacefulness can catalyze the experience of compassion if you drop into it and be with it purely and innocently. It can also draw forth everything that is not in harmony with spiritual truth and unconditional love ? the clutter in your personal field that prevents you from experiencing yourself as the soul. If a disturbance occurs while you?re in liminal space, it certainly points to a deeper issue you are trying to see through to and dissolve. If you wait and watch or feel for the tip of the issue, you may sense it as a glimmer in the space. If you give it attention it will come to you and reveal itself to you so you can understand. because it felt boring. After all, it could belong to anyone! I wondered: Was I preparing to die? Then life sent me to work in some of the cities where I had grown up, which I hadn?t visited for many years. I touched in, took photos of houses I used to live in, integrated something ineffable of my developmental process into my