The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 35

actually liquefies itself before the raw material of its body reformulates as the butterfly. That?s what I feel I?ve been doing internally ? melting down. not tolerate anxiety and ambiguity but wants facts. The left brain may label this as a time of chaos and negativity, or it will throw you into irritability, reactionary behavior, panic, avoidance, addiction, manic activity, numbness, or depression ? just to have something to do. It might prefer to fill the liminal space with hyperactivity, drama, trauma, or an accident or illness ? anything but nothingness! Many people I talk to are identifying with these left-brain coping mechanisms, thinking they themselves are crazy, incompetent, unevolved, unworthy, or a failure because ?life isn?t working.? They say they feel stuck. I think this is the left brain talking, not the soul. The soul is never stuck. This melting process is really a key part of transformation. I recently participated in a group dialogue about the concept of ?liminal space? ? and the term intrigued me. ?Liminal? relates to the idea of the threshold. In fact, it pertains to the space on either side of a threshold. That caught my attention because usually we think of what comes before a threshold is reached, and not so much about what comes immediately after, before the new form solidifies. If, on the other hand, you are more practiced in perceiving from your right brain, body, heart, and intuition, you will probably feel liminal space as a sort of sabbatical or important pause. You probably trust the Flow and the evolution process, and are more comfortable being with the moment as it is, knowing there is wisdom to be had by paying close attention and feeling into your experience. Waiting doesn?t cause impatience. Being quiet doesn?t feel like the Void. Feeling spacious and full of potential is downright pleasurable. This is the soul perceiving liminal space. So many of us are in liminal space right now. Perhaps we?re about to cross a threshold, or have already crossed it but don?t quite know it. We all interpret this experience differently, of course, but you can count on a few things: you feel ?in-between,? that you don?t know, that the old way is boring or damaging to your body and soul, and that you are out of your comfort zone. You haven?t found an answer yet, can?t seem to imagine your ?future,? the Flow seems to have stopped, and you?re losing meanings and security. If you are a left-brain dominant person, your left brain will go nuts in this undefined state. It wants to know what to do, what to emphasize, what to plan for. It wants to figure something out. It does In liminal space you are being directed into the nonphysical world to clear old patterns so you can receive your new set of instructions, your new imaginations, and more of your true self. You, the soul, are opening a path, a clearing, so the spiritual can flood into the Page 35 -December , 2015