The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 34

Li v i n g i n Li m i n al Space by Pen n ey Pei r ce Normally, I am one of those people who is ?in been dramatic. I obviously must need to pay attention to the world but not of it,? but lately, my something smaller and deeper, something only consciousness has been drawn as though by reachable through stillness, something present gravity into the practical, logistical, physical even in the mundane. One part of me pushes world where I have become a captive of daily restlessly against the walls, while another part detail. At times, life has even seemed to retract senses that behind it all a wave is coming to lift like a surprised turtle, offering no fluidity at all. I me, and all of us, into a new kind of lit-up have not been traveling to distant lands or self-expression, to a new level of energy that addressing large audiences or reaching into the we?ll come to know as normal. Perhaps we?re higher realms for inspiring subjects to write cocooning, preparing, gathering ourselves. I about. The shift from being out in the world and learned from a science documentary that the free-flowing to being contained and isolated has caterpillar, when it enters the pupa stage, Page 34 - December, 2015