The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 3

TABLEO FCO NTENTS Higher Frequencies WILL Change Your Real it y 4 By Boris Schickedanz Jewels Johnson, Editor-in-Chief These Changing Times By Mona Del f ino 9 Hel p Paris t he Law of At t ract ion St yl e 12 Doesn't m atter if you ar e r eady or By Joe Vit al e Ar e You Ready f or 2016? not because her e it com es! Int uit ive Manif est ing By Anne Bol ender 16 Law of At t ract ion Test Chal l enge By Pam Grout 20 Four Major St ages of Consciousness By Pam Grout 24 Being Your Sovereign Sel f By Mart in Neil Campbel l Living in Liminal Space 29 34 By Penny Peirce Eat Your Way Young By El l en Wood Everyone Goes t o Heaven, Even Hit l er By The Teachings of Joshua, Gary Templ e Bodl ey 38 40 Law of At t ract ion Journal ing By Michael Pearl man, M.D. 43 What is Your Real it y By Coach Rit a Hurry 45 December & January Ast rol ogy Forecast By Int ernat ional Ast rol oger Manish Kamur Arora 48 Jordanian Coupl e Invit es hundreds Ref ugees t o Wedding GOOD NEWS -Syrian Ref ugee 'Pays Back' German Kindness 51 50 GOOD IDEA - Buddy Bench 52 Cameron Keads Per haps you got m ar r ied 9 year s ago. It could m ean that your m ar r iage is now going thr ough a tr ansfor m ation that you never thought possible. Love begins to r each new heights! In 2016, w e have an election year, so this m eans that ther e w ill be a change in policy. Alr eady w e can see things ar e not going in the sam e dir ection. One thing is definitely for sur e. We ar e not the sam e as w e w er e 9 year s ago. We have aw akened the collective consciousness to em br ace our individual pow er and w e ar e all cr eating a beautiful new futur e. Th e Sci en ce Beh i n d Law of At t r act i on M agazi n e Jew el s Joh n son , Edi t or -I n -Ch i ef Ri t a Hu r r y, VP of Adver t i si n g 54 Christ ine Cart er For Questions or Comments, please feel free to contact us at: Per haps 9 year s ago, you star ted a business and it had m any bum ps in the r oad, but you kept going alw ays seeing the futur e as being br ight. Now all the w or r y and str ess of this business m ay be fr ee of the str uggles by m or phing into som ething totally differ ent. 2016 w ill be a fabulous year for those w ho intend it to be fabulous! - Jew els By Mark Mol l ow 3 Resol ut ions f or a Happier Year Ahead 2016 is a 9 year in num er ology w hich alw ays br ing gr eat excitem ent! This m eans that m any things that w as star ted nine year s ago w ill now be finalized. Pam Som m er s - Ad Ex ec St even Li k i ar dopou l os, Gr aph i cs/Au di o/Vi deo Page 3 -December , 2015