The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 29

Bei ng Your Sel f Sov erei gn By M arti n Nei l Campbel l There are solutions that have been created uniquely for you. It is my belief the way forward for humanity is through individual spirituality - yours. I believe this because I know the most powerful force created is the individual and we each of us have a purpose. Mine is to assist in empowering you to become the greatest, grandest, most wonderful, loving, joyous and free being that you can. That is why I will always invite you to acknowledge your magnificence, which is beyond imagining. It is my desire to have you know this truth. This is who you are. We have been taught to forget our divinity and regard ourselves as far less. Nonetheless, you are naturally magnificent and your magnificence yearns to break free. We intuitively know life is more magnificent than we have been lead to believe. Everyone is looking for that "magic" formula. The five minute miracle, or the one thing that will make everything clear and "presto" our problems will be solved. What has been made clear to me is there is no instant magic formula. If you have been exploring spirituality and self empowerment you should know by now that it is a progression. Each new understanding is the miracle and has the power to change your view of the world and life itself. I see a world where humanity and all life on Earth is One. I see a world of joy, health, wealth and abundance. I see a world of love and empathy. Imagine such a world now and smile with the freedom and joy of it being so. Do this and know you have stepped through the doorway to a grander world, a grander you. We truly are One. We are here to help each other expand to progressively higher energy levels and become greater beings. Every spiritual master knows most people have multiple layers of illusions that need to be broken down through conscious awareness. It will take dedication and perseverance, but once you create your awareness and vision, and hold true, all your barriers will fall away. Page 29 -December , 2015