The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 25

People believe they 1. ?The damn, not again? consciousness. The starting gate for most of us is some manifestation will be happy when they achieve a certain of victim consciousness. It varies from person to level of success, when they find the perfect lover, when they heal from cancer. But that?s not how it works. All those things are 2. ?The woo-hoo! This is getting cool!? consciousness. by-products of being happy. One of the next levels (again it plays out differently in This is one chicken vs. the egg that is not in question. each person) is where we realize we have a say. We Being grateful, being happy, feeling blessed ALWAYS learn there are comes first. In fact, most people say that when their energetic laws that ?stuff? finally comes, the material things they got are just as reliable as into this ?thoughts creating reality? business in the physical laws. We first place they realize they?re beside the point. And discover that our that the gift, the real gift, is the joy they now see in thoughts are units of the little things? the cute little heart the barista mental energy that made into the foam on the latte, the squirrel running play out in the world along the fence