The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 20

Tak e t h e Law of At t r act i on Test Ch al l en ge By Pam Gr ou t W hen I was a teenager, I loved the quizzes in Seventeen magazine. I couldn?t wait to find out: ?Which fashion style best suits your taste?? ?What is your party personality?? ?Is he THE ONE?? Even now, a day rarely goes by without one of my Facebook friends reporting the results of ?Which member of the Beatles they are? or ?Which Oprah quote should be their mantra.? These quizzes are all in good fun and since good, delightful fun is one of my mantras (I didn?t even need Oprah to help figure that out), I?ve come up with the world?s first Law of Attractions Quiz. 1. Do you believe your thoughts create your reality? a. Some of the time b. All of the time c. Only when you repeat an affirmation 568 times, visualize at least an hour a day and pray non-stop to a higher diety d. Are you kidding me? I never get what I want. 2. Which of the following statements best matches your opening thought most mornings: a. Oh shit, not again! b. Yee-haw! A new opportunity for another Oscar-worthy production To find out how adept you are at using this c. Dang! Where is that hot brunette I was just all-powerful law of the universe, answer these four dreaming about. questions: d. I?ve got to pee. Page 20 - December, 2015