The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 18

such an upstream struggle. Needless to say the same holds true for trying to manifest any major transformations in your life based on what you see out there, on what other people are doing, on lives that other people are living, or even on what you think you desire (desires from the ego and not from the soul). Using your intuition as an Inner Wisdom guide while you build a business, or create your ideal life, or maneuver any major life transition, will help ensure that the business or lifestyle or change you build is one that you are going to enjoy being a part of going forward. So what is Intuition? I am particularly fond of Laura Day?s definition of Intuition: ?Intuition is accurate insight and information that you have not gained through the everyday use of your five senses, intellect, or experience? In short, it is information that can guide you toward your truest, best possible self.? Intuition is an extension of our five senses that connect our Inner Wisdom with our conscious self. As an extension of our five senses, our intuition communicates with us through any of our five senses, although we do tend to have one sense that dominates. For me, I sense words, other people sense images, or catch whiffs of aromas, or sense tastes. Intuition communicates as the unexpected image that flashes through our minds eye, or a phrase or song lyric that pops into our mind from nowhere and is completely out of context with what we had just been thinking about. Have you ever woken up with a lyri 2g&