The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 17

Increasingly, through articles, books, podcasts, conversations, advice from our coaches, etc., we are being encouraged to use our intuition in all areas of our life. This focus on using our intuition begs the question, how relevant can connecting with our intuition possibly be for deliberate creators, i.e., people who are already effectively using the Law of Attraction in their daily life? When what you are trying to manifest is not in alignment with your intuition (and by intuition, I am referring to your Inner Wisdom, your Essential Self ) chances are that your manifesting efforts will not be successful. Or worse!! If they are successful and you do eventually manifest what you think you desire, it often quickly becomes obvious that maybe this thing wasn?t what you truly desired after all! Manifesting something, As deliberate creators we anything that is not in are familiar with the conalignment with our aucept that everything is thentic self is like buildenergy. How focused ening on a dysfunction. It I n t u i t i on i s a f or m of en er gy t h at ergy helps us create our usually ends up taking reality with like-attractsi s con st an t l y at pl ay i n ou r l i ves, you further away from like energy is always at your authentic self, w h et h er w e ar e con sci ou sl y play. We attract things rather than bringing you aw ar e of i t or n ot . into our lives whether we closer to what you were are aware of it or not. We meant to be doing, or know that by consciously how you were meant to focusing our energy be living. And this is through various manifestwhere using your intuing techniques we can ition can help even the best manifestors maincreate the reality we desire. So where does intutain alignment with their authentic self. ition fit into this and why should we, as deliberate When I first started exploring the possibility of creators, care about whether we use our intuition becoming self-employed several years ago, one or not? very popular method for build a business was to Intuition affects every decision we make regardfully align your business with your clients less of how big or how small the decision is. Every needs, which sounds decision we make, including our desires and what like a reasonable we choose to manifest, is a combination of logic way to build a thriv(knowledge and experience) and intuition. ing business. Maybe Have you ever tried to manifest something you be- you remember, find keywords on Google lieved you truly desired, only to find your efforts Keywords and buildfalling flat? Nada. Nothing. Zip. No results, regarding a business based less of how focused you were, how much you scripted, how often you practiced your go-to mani- on those keywords so you have an alfesting tool? That job opening you thought you ready built client had a lock on? that went to the only other person base. Well, trying to who was being interviewed. Or the ideal coaching build a business that program you created that was going to help so way was awful bemany people, only no one bought it. Or the house I ntui ti on i s that was the exact match for the one that?s on your cause I was trying to build a business vision board, only it went to some other buyer!! seei ng w i th th e around someone In situations like these, the lack of manifesting sucsoul . else?s needs and decess you come up against, that indefinable ?thing? sires and not my Dean K oontz that is preventing you from manifesting your deneeds and desires. sires, could be your intuition telling you that this My intuition knew desire that you believe wholeheartedly is perfect this, which is why the whole exercise became for you, is not in your best interest after all. Page 17 -December , 2015