The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 12

Hel p Par i s Dr . Joe Vi t al e Br i n gs Cl ar i t y t o a Hear t br eak i n g Si t u at i on an d Gi ves Us FOCUS on W h at To Do Nex t As I type these words, people in Paris are traumatized by the recent surprise attacks on them, and worried about family, friends, and their future well-being. While the world is still reeling from the effects of war, many are now bracing for something that could be worse. As I overhear all of this, I hear an underlying victim mentality. We?re victims of storms. While you may not want to stand in the path of war, you don?t have to cower under the bed, either. As odd as it may sound, I believe that if enough of us think positive, we can create a counter storm of sorts. We can protect ourselves and our loved ones with our thoughts. We?re victims of gas prices, gas shortages, inflation, recession, taxes, wars, and more. I?ve described and proved this with the research in the back of my book, The Attractor Factor. More than nineteen studies *proved* that when a large group of people hold positive intentions, those intentions radiate out and become reality. I?m going to say something unusual. It may upset some people. I?m hoping it will inspire you. Here goes: I asked my readers to help stop Hurricane Rita almost ten years ago. You have more power than you think. Rita stopped. We?re victims of attacks. We?re victims of a poorly run government. Page 12 - December, 2015