The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine December, 2015 - Page 10

to feel ourselves being real to ourselves. By knowing this, we can actually change what we see that we do not like. By paying attention to being ?in the moment?, we can decide to shift our emotions to a healthier reaction by acknowledging them, going into a different composure from the heart, and then breathing to release the drama of attachment. THIS IS CONSCIOUS EMPOWERMENT. No longer do we have to buy into anything we have been taught unless we feel that is truly how we want to be. Our bodies are shifting through all this as well and our physiology can become stronger either in a difficult way or by improving rapidly. It really isn't a negative or a positive, or even a good or bad? it's much more than that. These are responses that are teaching us through the physical body so that we can learn about ourselves through our own "body language." For example, a condition has a meaning and a purpose, and every place in and on the body also has a meaning and a purpose. The left side of the body is the receiver and right is the giver. Arms are about what we carry in life. Legs are about moving forward. Hips and low back are support issues, breasts are nurturing. Neck is flexibility in life and feet are foundation. When it comes to conditions, diagnosis or dis-ease, these are mostly emotional causes. Our body will always respond to us. We cannot logically, or even possibly separate our emotions, our mental thoughts, or our spiritual way of living. However, we can change them to create better health. Our body's cells are made up of all the above, so in order to create a healthier human body, we need to create a healthier way of living. We have a new internal power now if we understand that resilience is brilliance, and as long as we can trust who we are and becoming, look at life differently now from a self empowering light, we will engage together to recognize that we ARE the medicine the world needs? .inside and out! ~ Mona Delfino is an Energy Medicine Practitioner who has work VB