The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 58

7 "Weir d" Things We All Do (But Won't Admit ) By Mar k DeNicola When we are honest with ourselves, which can be harder than it seems, we all know that we are each at least a little bit ?weird.? Whether it be an odd tendency we?ve had for years, or a way of behaving while alone that we believe nobody else would ever even conceptualize, much less respect us for, we are all unique in our own special way. While you may embrace many of these oddities and even go so far as to share some of them with your peers, there are certain, subtler ones that most of us tend to keep to ourselves. But I?m convinced that many of them are a lot more commonly experienced, and therefore not quite so ?weird? for us to do, than we might think. (Whether or not they are healthy is a whole other issue.) 1. We Pret end We Were List ening We?ve all been in that situation where we?re talking with a friend and, despite our best efforts to listen consistently, our mind eventually wanders. We start out by listening attentively to the situation they are venting about, but 30 seconds later, still find ourselves caught up considering what we?d like to eat for dinner or what clothes we?ll wear to work the next day. While drifting off is something that most of us will admit to doing, we rarely fess up to doing it in the actual moment, instead giving generic responses like ?yeah,? or ?that?s crazy,? in hopes of hiding our momentary lapse in attention and not offending our friends. 2. We Look Busy t o Avoid Peopl e While I?m sure we all hold a level of appreciation (or at the very least tolerance) for everyone we?ve gotten to know personally in this life, there are always ?those people? we?d rather not talk to if we can help it. Whether it be because they always talk your ear off, or you are ashamed of the answers you?ll give to the questions they are likely to ask you, you?d ideally like to avoid them as often as possible. Page 58 - Au gu st , 2017