The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 56

H eal i n g Yo u r O t h er H al f B y M ar t i n N ei l C am p b el l For the healing of our emotional body, we must take a different path than we do for healing the lost light of Spirit. When we do not take this path, our emotional body will not heal. This is leading many to extreme anger and rage, depression and a lack of fulfillment. People have become fixated on pleasant feelings but ignore their unpleasant ones. Nonetheless, we are both of them. We are an amalgamation of our ?good? and ?bad? emotions. When we ignore our negative emotions, we are ignoring a major part of who we are in that moment. To continue to do so is self destructive. The reason negative emotions do not go away is because we harmfully judge our negative, dark and unpleasant emotions. When people do this they tend to push them down and bury them within their subconscious. Nonetheless, they still exist and this does not fix fix them. They are our ?denied will? and they will forever try to be released into our conscious awareness. They are our instant rages. I have always been aware (although not always in full conscious- ness), that before I decide to do anything I determine how I feel about it. From decisions with less impact to those that have more, it is my feelings that manifest first, then my thoughts come into play. A simple example is going out to dinner with friends, one friend will say...let?s eat Italian. From what I have observed most people instantly get a feeling as to whether they want to eat Italian or not. We We heed those feelings and say yes or no instantly based upon our feelings. Likewise, in many instances people have a "gut" feeling as to whether something should be done or not. It is our Page 56 - Au gu st , 2017