The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 54

Allow, Stop, Go! Formula for Success for Body Confidence Forever. By Coach St eph an i e Wood, PCC Many of my coaching clients bring up the confidence killer when they are exposed to media images of perfection. The topic has come up, and I suggested the subject to my co-host Debi Talbert on our radio show [Body Confidence LOA Style] on the LOA radio network. When we are bombarded with media such as cell phones, social media, billboards, and every screen we access during a normal day, this can interfere with our Body Confidence. Awareness is one thing, allowing is another. The first is a passive experience; the second is an action. In this case, the action of allowing these confidence-killing images beyond our observance into our personal space creates a negative effect on us personally. Law of Attraction and the Body Knowledge System® offer a solution to this disturbing fact of life. The formula for effectively warding off the external negative influence of media insistence on the unrealistic ideals is simply to stop allowing those images into your emotional space. It?s not enough to promise yourself to ignore this invasion; you must act to counteract the influence. Remember, the whole point of media is to influence you to subscribe to their message, to buy what they sell, to accept THEIR judgment if/ when you don?t measure up to THEIR ideals.(Ouch!) Page 54 - Au gu st , 2017