The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 50

By Soph i a C h a n n el ed By D r. St a n l ey G ra vel y, Ph .D . There are many ways the Universe is and has been communicating to those living on what you call planet Earth. In this space-time reality people have been visited by many kinds of celestial beings and entities that have manifested themselves in the personalities and styles of those they came. We have come for the reason to assist and help those to expand and mature in the midst of great contrast. You are living in a space-time reality that is interconnected to a great and expansive Universe of Energy fields that are in sync and in concert one with another. There is no past and future in the Universe. The past, the present, and future are happening in sequence and in parallel realities. This space-time reality is an opportunity for you to grow and expand in biological bodies and experience the bliss and wonder of this planet you call Earth. This is a wonderful world of beauty. It is full of endless opportunities to grow, expand, and enjoy life in your earth suits. Time-space travelers have been coming and going in the Earth since the beginning of time in this space-time reality. There have been many civilizations that have come and gone and will continue to do so in this expansive and ever-expanding Earth. Many of those who came before you are still here to communicate and help. We just transitioned back into the Energy forms we came from. We are time-space travelers just as you are. Awaken to the reality that what you call extraterrestrials and celestial beings are in reality, extensions of Life Source Energy. We come in many shapes, sizes, and realities. We shift-change to relate to those who are listening and looking for us. As you have taken on a biological body, we have energy bodies, so to speak, to travel the Universe. The oceans and deserts contain many of these past civilizations and are a part of the past expansion of Earth. It is necessary in the expansion of life on Earth that civilizations rise and fall. It is a normal part of the expansion of the Universe for dark holes to absorb and transform the expansion of all Energy forms. Yes, there are many energy forms that are as different and as diverse as the biological forms of Earth. In fact, Earth is a reflection of the Universe and is in sync with this great and never-ending expansion. We have come to Earth in many forms and in many different ways. We have been seen as space travelers in Page 50 - Au gu st , 2017