The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 5

W h at an Ex ci t i n g I ssu e! By the Editor-In-Chief, Jewels Johnson I am so very pleased to bring you the August Issue of Law of Attraction Magazine featuring Neale Donald Walsch. The message that Neale is giving us is of extreme importance. First we are not alone... we have higher evolved beings sending us messages and signs as we are all shifting the collective consciousness. Now that we know this to be true, we must start asking for signs and messages to appear... and we need to state that the messages be very clear to us... as author and friend Pam Grout would say... "Hit us right between the eyes!" You see, it's time that we recognize that we are powerful beings. We can create a wonderful reality for ourselves when we are tuned in to receiving these messages by keeping our eyes and ears opened. Second, Neale talks about multiple dimensions that we float through, some are in our dream state and some are actually occurring in our day to day lives. This is where we are all evolving. We are moving past our 3D world and enjoying new pathways into other dimensions, again discovering even more of our power. On top of all this, we are rapidly changing and shifting as our frequencies are rising to new heights. We are ALL changing, because as Neale so eloquently says, we are all one. We ARE ALL ONE. So if you are evolving, so is everyone else. In other words, the only division we see in the world is the division within us. It may be time to stop blaming others, especially in the political climate and look within. It's time for us to take personal responsibility and heal our own anger, fear and toxic anxiety, for in doing that act, we are changing the way we view the world. We, start receiving bigger and bigger messages that turn on more of our power. So you may ask... "Who's right and who's wrong?" The answer I believe is that we are both... and as we tune into the higher evolved beings, we get a better idea of what works and does not work. No one is wrong and no one is right... because we are all the same and we all want the very same thing. Happiness, and abundance and peace for ourselves and our families. Please enjoy all the messages being delivered to you through this magazine... it was created in love, just for you. L ove to All Jewels Page 5,Au gu st , 2017