The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 43

meet, except perhaps on Judgment Day, when God will decide whether we are deserving to be reunited with Her. That wouldn't be so bad if this is as far as it went. But that's not where it ends. In fact, a Separation Theology inevitably produces a Separation Cosmology. That is, a cosmological idea about life that says that everything is separate from everything else. That wouldn't be so terrible if it ended there. But it doesn't end there, because this Separation Cosmology inevitably creates a Separation Psychology. That is, individual psyches that imagine that we are separate from each other. And, of course, from God. Each of us with our own needs and our own separate agendas. Even that wouldn't be so terrible if we could manage it, but it doesn't end there, because a Separation Psychology inevitably produces a Separation Sociology. That is, entire societies --- and groups within entire societies...political parties and nations and states and religions and other groups --- that imagine themselves to be separate from every other group, and imagine that their agenda is the agenda that they need and must serve. This is a tribal mentality. And sadly, it doesn't end there. A Separation Sociology inevitably produces a Separation Pathology: pathological behaviors of self-destruction, obvious and apparent wherever we look. So, we have a problem here. We have a Separation Theology, creating a Separation Cosmology, creating a Separation Psychology, creating a Separation Sociology, creating a Separation Pathology. The only way we will turn this around is by letting go of our idea of Separation, and decide that God was right from the beginning. We are all one. There is only one thing, and all things are part of the One Thing There Is. When I begin to treat every other human being and every other element of life as if it were part of me and I was part of it, everything changes overnight. Jewel s: Wow. you just solved the issues that are the most prevalent to us all. I can see why this book was created right now. It has all the answers we are looking for. NDW: I've used my ability to see into some things that we all have the ability to see into, and to articulate some of these thoughts that have been given to us from the beginning of time. Nothing that I'm saying here is new. I haven't said a single new thing since you and I began our conversation. What might be new, however, it is our willingness to embrace and to act on what we've been told for thousands of years दWvV3vWBB&VǒvWBBFRBw2&VV7V6"FFƲFREsvVBw2&VV"FFƲvFR2vVVRFBv662FRWF"bR&2FP6fW'6F2vFvB6W&W2v6fR6BfW"FV֖Ɩ6W23rwVvW2R2RbFR"WF'2FRWp7&GVƗGfVVBfrw&GFV#&2vFVvB&2FRWr&FW2&W7G6VW"2Ɨ7B2ƖfRBv&fRVVBF7&VFRB7W7Fv&GvFR7&GV&V766RBRG&fV0v&ǒF'&rFRWƖgFrW76vRbFR7tr&2FVPWfW'vW&RआR2&VV6VBFW&F7&GVW76VvW"B0&W'FVBfrWW&V6Rv6RfVBFR&W6V6RbFPFfRgFW"w&Frw'WGFW"FvBVrVvB@&V6Vfr7vW'2&6W72FBRFW67&&W22W7FǒƖRFpF7FFFBv2fW"#V'2vBvBVW&vVBv2FPR'B6fW'6F2vFvB6W&W2v62&VVV&Ɨ6V@WfW'"wVvRbFRv&Bf"&Rf&FV6Rf6CGGwwr5tt6V7B6ХvRC2RwR7B#