The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 41

So, these are some of the differences. And there is a whole list of 16 of those differences that make a highly evolved being able to live in a state of peace and joy and serenity and wonderful expression of their true identity, at all times. If we were to simply take that list of 16 behaviors and embrace them as part of our everyday life, we could become transformed virtually overnight. Jewel s: I know you explained about the many dimensions that Highly Evolved Beings are in, but could they actually be E.T.s? NDW: My understanding is that they're not necessarily extraterrestrials in the classic sense. We think of ?ETs? as physical entities from some other planet in the universe --- from Planet X or where ever. Rather, the Highly Evolved Beings referred to in Book 4 are inter-dimensional entities who can physicalize anywhere, on any solid sphere in the Universe. And they do, in fact, physicalize throughout the cosmos from time to time as a means of, as I mentioned earlier, modeling or demonstrating the highest behaviors and the highest awareness, the highest consciousness and the highest capabilities, of physical entities who come to know and understand who they really are. Jewel s: I have heard reports of Highly Evolved Beings actually stopping the bombs, stopping the nuclear bombs from detonation. Did they really do that and can we count on them to do it again? I mean, are we doomed? Or can we expect help in stopping us from our own destruction? NDW: Well, I don't want people to feel that somehow what we do, or how we behave on the planet and how we move forward, is almost in a sense irrelevant, because these wonderful Highly Evolved Beings could stop any bad outcomes from occurring. There is a law in the universe as I understand it. I think, by the way, that the people who write science fiction movies, like Star Trek writer Gene Roddenberry, had it right when they talk about a universal law of nonintervention. I don't think Highly Evolved Beings actually somehow intervene physically to bring a halt to, or create, for that matter, certain outcomes in the physical experience of any species of any sentient beings in the universe. That's not part of how it's done. Energies are placed, as I said, into the sphere of awareness of the earthlings or other sentient beings elsewhere in the cosmos, and they respond to those energies in such a way that they may then stop themselves from engaging in the final act of ultimate destruction, whether it's a nuclear war or whatever. But we do need to listen to those incoming energies and embrace those ideas, because if we don't, we do stand the risk of ending life as we know it, even though we are not going to render our species extinct. CWG-Book 4 makes it very clear that we will not render humanity extinct...but...we may very well bring an end to life as we know it currently on Earth. So I don't think it's a good idea to think that we can rely on others to stop whatever we're doing, imagining that they won't let it happen. That's not their role. That is not even the role of God, for that matter. God's role is not to put an end to all bad things or the ultimate bad thing. God's role is to fully empower all the sentient beings of the cosmos to be, do and have what they choose to create. We have been given the gift of ultimate unlimited creation. We can create anything we wish, including our own collective demise. That?s important for us to understand. Jewel s: What is our next step? I know what you're saying is that it's time that we take responsibility. We need to be responsible for our own actions and our own thoughts, but what is the direction we should be going? NDW: I think we have the opportunity to create critical mass around a planet-changing ideas, and that's the direction that I believe we should be going. The invitation from the universe, and the invitation from God that has clearly placed before humanity in Conversations with God, Book Four - Awaken the Species, is to awaken the species. How God suggests we can awaken the species is by self-selecting to exemplify what it means to be highly evolved as a totally awakened person. And the message is that we no longer have to count on one person, or require several thousand years, to demonstrate it. We can all become examples that we can all become, to use religious terms, the savior of humanity. We can all become that blessed one who demonstrates what it means to be highly evolved and fully awakened. We can create a critical mass --- which, by the way, is not 51 percent, nor even 25 percent. It's not 10 percent or even 5% . We are told that critical mass of any whole is somewhere between 2.5 and 4 percent of the whole. When we get to between 2.5 and 4 percent of the people that populate the earth, then the first domino will fall. The snowball will start rolling downhill and we will have created a critical mass such that the ideas that we are embracing become commonly held by the largest number of people on the earth. Page 41 - Au gu st , 2017