The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 38

NDW: That's the important message of the book, and there are many important messages. The second important message is: Not only is this the best time for our advancement, but...we are not alone in this. We are being assisted by entities from another dimension. That is, entities from what we would call "off" this planet. Some people call them aliens from outer space. Call them what you want. They're not really aliens in the sense of Martians walking among us. But there are other sentient beings who exist inter-dimensionally who have been assisting us, and all sentient physical beings in the cosmos, in the evolutionary process. They want us to know that we're really not alone if we will simply listen to the inspirations that we're receiving in many forms. These ideas are being sent to us by way of books, movies, television programs, Internet postings, on-line videos --- all manner of things. A great example are the brief films now found on the Internet based on Andy Weir?s remarkable short story, The Egg. (https:/ / watch?v=D1VN5zICGeU). Jewel s: Right. You know I've noticed a lot of the movies are like the "Hunger Games" that really depict what's going on right now. There's other movies like The Matrix and their red and the blue pill message. It's really fascinating that it's all coming together. We're getting all these signs and messages strictly about waking up. NDW: Yes. And the only question is whether we're going to pay attention to those messages or continue to ignore them. One of the sad aspects of the human experience is that we tend to look directly in the face of every evidence we could possibly ask to see, that we ask to be placed before us, and nevertheless, having been confronted and presented with all that evidence, we do exactly the opposite. And that's something that we're going to have to either turn around or find ourselves facing in a very unpleasant way. As an example, we know what doesn't work if we want to create children to be free of violence and rage. If we place them in front of vivid depictions of violence and rage during their most impressionable years, obviously it doesn't work. And yet we do it consistently. We put them in front of television programs or actually take them to movies with tons of violence. Then we let them play video games that are all about violence killing and war and even give them toys to go out in the backyard and play with --- plastic machine guns that sound every bit like the real thing. And then we wonder why, when they're 7, 8, 9, 10, 18 and 20, that so many of them behave the way they're behaving --- with such violence. We say, "Gosh, where could they have gotten such an idea?? And that's just one example. There are tons of examples. We know that we're poisoning our own bodies with carcinogens in stuff that we inhale, or nerve deadening liquids that we drink by the gallon. We know that this doesn't work. This has been demonstrated across many, many, years. But we do it anyway. We know that if what we want is a world that's a peaceful world, a world filled with joy and love, violence does not work. We know this, because it's already been demonstrated, but we continue to do it anyway. We are really living out Albert Einstein's pointed observation that doing the same thing over and over again, expecting to get a different result, is the classic definition of insanity. Jewel s: I can see clearly what you are saying. May we go back to your higher evolved beings or HEB's that you talk about in your book. You mention that they are in a different dimension. Can you explain ?dimension? to us? NDW: The book is talking about a different level of expression. Life expresses itself in the physical dimension and in the metaphysical dimension. We actually move back and forth, by the way, between those dimensions. For instance, we do the thing called Dream. Drea ΅₯Ήœ₯́Ν₯΅Α±δ„΅½Ω•΅•ΉΠ½˜Ρ‘”Ν½Υ°™Ι½΄½Ή”)‘₯΅•ΉΝ₯½ΈΡΌ…Ή½Ρ‘•ΘΈ]”΅½Ω”‰•Ρέ••Έ)‘₯΅•ΉΝ₯½ΉΜΡ‘ɽ՝ Ρ‘”ΑΙ½•Ν́ё…Ёݔ…±°1₯™”…Ή)•…Ρ …́ݕ±°Έ=Έ…ΙΡ °έ”…±°Ρ‘”Α‘εΝ₯…°)‘₯΅•ΉΝ₯½Έ€ύ±₯™”ό…ΉΡ‘”΅•Ρ…Α‘εΝ₯…°°½Θ₯˜ε½Τ)Α±•…Ν”°Ρ‘”ΝΑ₯Ι₯ΡΥ…°‘₯΅•ΉΝ₯½Έ°€ύ‘•…Ρ ό°½ΘΡ‘”)ΝΌ΅…±±•€ύ…™Ρ•Ι±₯™”όΈΈΈ΅•…Ή₯ΉœΡ‘”…™Ρ•Θ‘•…Ρ )•αΑ•Ι₯•Ή”Έ ΥЁ₯Н́ɕ…±±δ…±°Ρ‘”Ν…΅”Ρ‘₯ΉœΈ%Πύ́…±°)A…”€Μΰ€΄ԁΤΝΠ€°€ΘΐΔά