The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 37

A Candid Inter view with Neale Donald Walsch about Conver sations with God - Book Four : Awakening the Species. A Power ful and Vital Message to the Inhabitants of the Planet. Jewel s: Welcome Neale Donald Walsch to Law of Attraction Talk Radio. Thank you for letting us put this interview in the August issue of Law of Attraction Magazine. Oh, my goodness. It's so wonderful to see you. NDW: Well thank you it's nice to be here with you. Thank you for the invitation. Jewel s: I am so excited to be talking to you about your latest book which is "Conversations with God - Book Four." What is so surprising is that this is published 18 years after the third book of Conversations with God. NDW: Yes, it was a surprise to me. I didn't expect that there would be anymore full-length books on Conversations with God. Of course, my experience of being in conversation with God, like that of all of us, continues every day. God made it very clear to me of course, that I'm not the only one on the planet who's having this experience. God says, ?I talk to everyone all the time.? The question is not ?to whom do I talk?" The question is, "Who?s listening?" But I did not expect to have a full length of book length Conversation with God anymore. I thought that particular experience had concluded in my life with the books I had so far written. But on August 2, 2016, I was awakened in the middle of the night with that same old familiar feeling. I haven't had that feeling in almost 20 years, but I knew the feeling well. It was a feeling that something really large wanted to come through. It was something that was arising in message form from God to humanity, so I threw back the covers raced down to my computer and began simply writing. The first thing that came to my mind and what emerged after doing that for about three and a half weeks, every day for about seven or eight or nine hours, was the full-length book titled Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species. I allowed it to be published by the Rainbow Bridge Books. My publisher and I are very excited to see that it is now out there in the world and people are reading it by the thousands. Jewel s: I am so grateful and I love the subtitle of it: "Awaken t he Species." I think that's so important right now. In this day and age, there are things going on in the world that forces us to focus in on what 2vrw&rFFBF22FR&V6vvRwfRvBFV&rFFBB6vREsvvrFV'&VvFW7BvVFR&wVVB&WBFRv&G2&V&r"vB2FBW2FR&0FBvRw&RB&VǒW&RFV&Fr'WB7GVǒF&VV&W"vBvRwfRv2vF&VV&W"vvP&Vǒ&R'WBFFBvFFR&vW"BRw&RrR&RfW'67W&FRFRv&B2fƖr'B&vBrfW FR6RW"&vBBW"VgBFr2v&rFRvvRFVvBBvVBv&Fr2v&rFPvvRFVFVBBFgV7FF&GV6R&WGFW"ƖfRf"W2W"ƗF677FV2&RBFrFBW V6֖277FV2&RBFrFBW"Vf&VF77FV2&RBFrFBW"VGV6F77FV2&R@FrFBB6FǒW"7&GV77FV2&R6B&GV6r&WGFW"ƖfRf"bW2खf7BFWw&R&GV6rW7FǒFR6FRvRr&R6g&FVBvFffBFV7G&FbvvR@&R66rF&RVW72vR&RC2WFW2vR&RB66RBB2&BvVFR7V6W2W2fW'6V"F22FRW&fV7BFRf"FRGf6VVBbVGw2WfWF&V6W6RFR6FF2&R&Rf"W F6rFVॖRrV'2vvR6VBfRB6RbFW6RFw2vrW&PBFW&RBWfW'vW&RBvR&VǒvVFwBfRF6VBFVFRvvRw&RF6rFVr&V6W6RbFRV&VFW2GW&RbFRFW&WB@bFW"f&2b6V6F6&RFVWf6B6f'FvRƗFW&ǐ6wBvWBvWfVW"FVWW2vRrfR2W"W2F@'&rW2֖WFRF֖WFR66VBbvBw2vr&VBFRv&B6Bw2f'GVǒ76&RFW6RF2f"W2Fv&RvBvR֖vBfR&VV&RF&RV6ǒv&RR#"#RV'2vf"F6R&V62F22f7BFRW&fV7BFRf"W2FGf6R2vR&P6g&FVBvFB&W6VFVBvF6FF2B6&7V7F6W2FBpW2FR6V"66R2F2vvR&S2F2vBvR66RF&SWvV3FB2W7FǒvBvRVVBFV"&vBrvR3rRwR7B#