The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 29

WTF? LOOKING FOR MAGIC IN YOUR LIFE? This is a story of awakening to the realities of Spirit and what might happen while racing down the rabbit hole of weirdness called modern metaphysics (physics of love). How could a person become an energy-healing evangelist after being a left-brained, sophistry-drenched atheist? It happened to me, my friend. WARNING: This book contains adult language, hence the title of the book. If that offends you, please grow a spine! The addiction to taking offense is far worse for your personal Law of Attraction than the occasional f-bomb. I?m the type of ?Law of Attraction teacher? who would love to save you precious time by smacking your ego upside its head, rather than coddling the little bastard forever. How long will you allow it to steal your peace and dreams over stupid Joshua Ramay stuff? Warning delivered! Page Page 13 - 29 Ju - n Au e, 2017 gu st , 2017