The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 28

grey the white light of perfect creation shining throughout eternity or ourselves. We choose, and we choose with out thoughts and words. This is prayer. Spirit has all the answers to all the tests because we create the tests with Him/ Her/ It! Let Spirit answer all questions because Spirit has all the answers. Duh! Pick white magic! So that being said, where does that leave us (the personality) in this equation? Or more appropriately, why is it that you can?t get the Law of Mind to work for you the way you want? The book that I wrote isn?t about the Law of Attraction, it?s about jumping into the deep-end of metaphysics, however, let us review what is the absolute first step in this whole process. Entrance to the shallow-end of co-creating with light is recognizing that the 'Law of Mind' is real, and always in operation 24/ 7/ 365. The second step to the entrance to the shallow-end is often the hardest step for awakening people: Taking responsibility for what has already been allowed to manifest in one?s life. The Law is absolute, or it?s not a law. YOU created it. Own-up to all the crappy thinking and harm-wishing, because that?s why it?s ?not happening? for you. The third and beautiful step after owning your crap (and you will not proceed in any successful way until you do) is applying the realization that negative manifestations can be reversed, and in the future prevented, with constructive thinking. If stuck at this step, it?s usually because of one?s addiction to the 3 C?s (criticizing, condemning, or complaining). The Universe can?t stand a gossipy energy vampire or even selfishness. There is nothing that is now being said or written about this basic Law that hasn?t been more thoroughly and eloquently examined by the self-help authors of the 1920?s and 30?s. You can purchase their collected works for 99 cents in the iTunes store. Have at it. Anyway, once you begin to consciously work with this 'Law of Mind,' you are now at the beginning stages of becoming a magical, soul-led being merging with 'cause' will produce the 'perfect effect.' It?s the beginning of a relationship with everything and all consciousness. Now, we?ve let go of ?steps? and merge into the shallow-end, because we are no longer serving the negative self, or it?s appetites. Identifying with love and it?s thoughts are the way to miracles and perfection. Actually, there is no other way. As the Great Master Sadhguru has so often said, ?The only way out, is to go within.? Once you not only utilize, but identify with this process, then you have become magical (or ?blessed?). You were the whole time, you just won?t manifest what you want until you give up negative talk, feeling, thinking, and yes, even people. You can?t control others, or even the mind, but you can direct your attention, and thought follows that! Stop controlling anyway (it?s a stupid illusion) and learn to command your attention on positivity. The beginning of consciousness training involves this, channeling energy, and removing unfruitful (destructive) habits. Meditation is later studied so as to train the attention to be one-pointed, and for the intellect to evolve into it?s higher function as the intuition. Wizarding 101, you know? Once you know there?s real magic (Spirit) in this creation, naturally you wish to get a little deeper in the pool of Oneness and Magic. Even scientists will admit that our focused attention changes matter on the quantum level (hence , my book's title: How I went from Atheist to Quantum Wizard in Less than a Decade. Everyone is a wizard (even unconsciously), because mind is magical. So it is this beautiful creation and it?s Source whom we?re all one with. You are more powerful than you can imagine, but only as powerfully as you can imagine. Please claim the wand in your heart and mind. Come jump on in, the water feels fine! (Final cheezy pool reference, I promise you). When you?re ready to dive deep (oops), find the work of Dr. Richard Bartlett Aut hor Bio: Joshua Ramay is an energy healer in San Diego, CA. Following a spiritual awakening, Joshua?s driving passion in life and healing philosophy have revolved around energy ? not simply the fabric and expression of all reality, but also the entirely of our experience as beings of Love and Light. For More Information about Joshua and his classes: ht t p:/ / l ovenerget Page 28 - Au gu st , 2017