The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 16

standards. If you were talking to someone who couldn?t see you, you would be able to describe your physical self-based on what you know from the image that bounces back from the mirror. Some of you may have a little trouble liking that image, but that?s another topic. You live in (your city and state or country), you are a? , or you work at (your occupation, job or career). You are (married or single), you may or may not have children to include here. You do your daily routines, meet daily responsibilities and take time out for fun from time to time. You have had hard times and good times and when you die, that?s that. Obviously, there is much more in between all this, but basically, this is your story. You are the dash between the year you were born and the year you died. Really? No, really? Now I know most of you can accept the fact that you are more than that brief description. Let?s just bring in a torch and light this up a bit with ?what if?. - - - - - - - - - - I am a spiritual being having a human experience on this planet earth at this time in space. I am called (your name) by my fellow beings. I chose the earth plane to incarnate into through two other beings in physical form, my parents whose personalities and life lessons together would be the influence I needed for my own spiritual growth in human form. I enjoy a variety of emotions from love to hatred which I must learn how to balance and receive the appropriate and corresponding lessons from. All the beings that come in and out of my life are there by agreement to provide for us both opportunities to learn from. I find love on both a physical and emotional level to be the highest vibratory response and can accept all that is in my world by staying in this frequency. I experience relationships in human form that are seemingly good, and bad, but I can recognize that they are all purposeful for both myself and others that come into their own incarnation through myself and someone I share love with. I understand that there are no accidents or coincidences and that everything is synchronistical and harmoniously orchestrated. I have taken the responsibility that I am the co-creator of this earth life as I am a part of the Creator of all that is. I have chosen my whole life scenario as the Creator gave me free will to do so without restriction. I realize that certain choices bring with it circumstances that are less than healthy, but it was my lesson to learn and I can go forward from there to choose differently the next time. The most important thing relative to myself is that I will never die. Oh, this physical shell will die away sure enough, in a time and place that has been designed prior to its incarnation. The manor and time we choose is again designed with lessons for ourselves and our loved ones in mind. The sad thing is that that?s the worse time for anyone to be open to that concept and the hardest for us to Page 16 - Au gu st , 2017