The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August Issue 2017 - Page 14

PICK UP THE TORCH! By Dr. Ronald P. Rozzi Ms.D., RHy. It wasn?t too long ago that I read an entry on a friends Facebook page that simply read, ?Life really sucks!? Well, I?ve known this individual since high school and although I haven?t personally seen or been around him in many years, knowing what I know about him, I?d have to say he?s had a pretty darn good life up to now. Of course, I don?t really know what it was that prompted him to such an expression on social media for all the world to see, and I won?t say he wasn?t at least partially justified in his opinion for that moment. Concerned comments from friends immediately began to pour in, inquiring of his wellbeing, and advising him to ?hang in there.? Now I don?t usually stick my nose into other people?s business, especially on social media, but that comment he?d made really got me thinking. I had to say something to my old friend regardless of the fact we hadn?t connected in years. I simply said that in the face of bad times that we all encounter, sometimes more frequently than we?d like, we need to take stock of all the good we have in our life. Get your mind out of the dark place and light it up with the good stuff. Don?t tell me you don?t have it because you?d be lying to yourself. Happy memories, fun times, the love you share with family and friends. Come on. There?s no one that doesn?t have at least some of those to put in the plus column of their life. Darkness, whether in a room or a time of your life is simply the absence of light. I pray that whatever crisis my friend was suffering from at that time has since been resolved and all is well. I?ve always known him to be resilient and he has a loving family. Well, I know what you?re thinking about now; ?if he?s a friend, why didn?t you check up on him?? The answer to that is because I simply gave him a torch to help him see through his darkness. Did Page 14 - Au gu st , 2017