The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 8

A B et t er B od y Im age B egins at B ir t h by St ep h an i e W ood , PCC , You r Bod y I m age Ex p er t Fou n d er of Th e Bod y K n ow l ed ge Sy st em ® ?You must have been a beautiful baby... You must have been a wonderful child.? Songwriter Johnny Mercer You were born with the best body image possible. At birth your thoughts were without judgment. Your thoughts were pure expressions of what your body communicated in the moment. Happy, alert, warm, comfortable, and safe feelings sent by your body directly to your brain and expressed directly by your body. As pure ego, your vibration operated at an extremely high level, because of the purity of that positive communication between your body and your brain. You expressed your positive feelings through your body?s contentment. As an innocent beautiful baby, you attracted attention naturally. All you had to do was ?be?, simply exist. Then, your appearance was more than accepted, it attracted positive attention from everyone. Regardless of what you wore or how much you weighed, your presence on the planet inspired smiles and warmth from everyone around you. You and your body were one, united in survival and growth. In order to make that happen, you smiled, cooed, giggled, drooled and batted your eyes at your caregivers. The direct connection between body and brain occasionally expressed a lower vibration when your body was hungry, wet, thirsty or tired. Those negative feelings in your body prompted a pout, tears, then screams of protest at Page 8 - August , 2016