The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 6

that there is a friendly, abundant, loving, wise energy in the Universe that supports you and wants what is best for you by simply supporting your highest good and of those around you. Letting your fears, concerns, wishes, prayers ?go to God? means that you trust and detach knowing that this energy will work with you through your own built-in guidance system to help draw to you what you want, be it to resolve a dramatic problem, or simply directions to get to Point A to Point B. Having been a control freak, I can honestly say that I am still more comfortable with taking actions steps on what I like to achieve. But sometimes, I am a blank slate? I just don?t know what to do to keep the momentum going. This is where the concept of seeming to do nothing except ?letting go to God? has help me to get unstuck. When I let go, my eyes are wide open to see the opportunities that I may wish to grab onto. My little red box is something that helps me to ?Let go? and ?Let God.? I call it my God's Energy & Resolution Box. My red jeweled box is energized by the power color of RED. It just feels powerful to me, so every time I have a worry, I simply write it out on a piece a paper and then I can let it go from my mind. Here?s an example: I have a problem hiring the right person for advertising sales. So I write on a piece a paper, ?I am thrilled with the success of our new Ad Exec. She or He makes my life so much easier, by saving me time and generating brilliant new ads and income for my businesses. My life is so blessed with my new Advertising Executive.? Page 6 - August , 2016 Notice the phrasing as if the outcome of what I want is happening at this very moment. Also notice that I start out with an ?I AM" statement of gratitude. This opens up the communication to the Universe. I make sure I NEVER put any negat ive st at ement s of want or t he reasons why I don?t have it because I don?t want God t o get conf used wit h my st at ement s and put energy int o t he l ack inst ead of t he desired out come. Here?s another example: If a person has a problem with their boss and wants to resolve the situation, tell God what outcome you would like to have. ?I am so grateful for my boss. We just had a great laugh together and I saw another side of her. I am also grateful that I am not a victim, just a person who has misunderstood her tone. I love that we are communicating like a team and I respect her. I am so glad she is respecting me and what I have to offer.? Not only do you let go, but you'll be pretty proud of yourself for putting down the perfect outcome without bringing up any negativity. After placing your written note to God in the box, close your eyes and go to a place of peace inside you. Find the vortex. Take a few slow deep breaths until you feel your energy begin to shift. Cal l God t o you. Imagine being in the presence of incredible love, light and wisdom. Visualize the OUTCOME that you?ve written on the paper then FEEL your vibration lift. Then just let it go and completely detach from what you just wrote. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn?t it doesn?t. Either way, it will be fine. And finally, in the scheme of the rest of your life, how important is it? Walk away and stop thinking about it.