The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 52

also applies to my schooling, university classes as well as the media. We must choose to what is relevant for us and what is negative. If I need life-changing information which can create a shift in my life, I have to become active in my search for the knowledge that brings me to a higher level of my life. Fortunately, my Higher-Self leads me to and through the exact inspiration that I must know in order to move forward. Often I have a big urge to connect with the divine intelligence inside me which creates a huge creative and great spiritual flow in my life. Joy abounds as I have experienced the Law of Attraction in action. Our religious backgrounds have taught us that the Kingdom of Heaven is within each one of us. And this is absolutely true. No truer words spoken than by Jesus 2000 years ago. Metaphysics is a great teacher of the internal power we each hold. For me, the Kingdom of Heaven within is an unl imit ed gol dmine. Training begins by getting connected to our spiritual source within in order to shift the exterior. With God inside us, we can allow God to operate through us which releases supernatural power that changes our life rapidly. All of a sudden, we begin to love and enjoy life because we are now living from a higher dimension. It is creating life easily to match desires. Becoming empowered is to develop the skill to be ONE with your higher self. If you are connected with this super consciousness then you can expect miracles to happen in your life. Serendipitous synchronicity begins to appears that will totally amaze you. You will attract those people who will empower your vision, money will come to you in JUST the right moment and you may even get placed in the perfect job or discover your life?s work. If you want a free lifestyle and create a happy life, with abundance, health, the right work, the right relationship, the right home and the right area to live your life, simply contact me for a "Passionate Life" and Law of Attraction Coaching. As a licensed Psychosynthesis Coach, I have many clients that have been able to achieve great success in life in relationships, career counseling, as well as life changing crisis management which truly empowers clients. Miriam Erraoui was born and raised in Germany and currently lives in Munich. She is a Social Sciences graduate as well as a Certified Psychosynthesis Coach and Therapist. She has an active Psychosynthesis coaching practice specializing in the Law of Attraction and metaphysics. She welcomes all inquiries. For more information email Miriam at and visit her website at Listen to Passionate Life Radio Show on Law of Attraction Radio Network. Page 52 - August , 2016