The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 50

Miriam Erraoui, is broadcast ing f rom Munich, Germany t o t each t he art of connect ing t o your higher sel f which is al so known as t he "Divine Wit hin." As you begin t o buil d t his spirit ual principal ,you wil l experience a dramat ic change in your everyday l iving. Al l of a sudden your heart f il l s wit h l ove and joy and you begin t o see l if e compl et el y dif f erent l y as you correl at e t he dif f erence bet ween "Wit hin" and "Wit hout ." Miriam?s l if e mission is t o t each, coach and enabl e peopl e t o l ive a passionat e l if e t o gain inner and out er f reedom. On t he Passionat e Lif e Radio Show, you wil l be inspired by Miriam t o t ake t he pat h, of t en l ess t ravel ed, which wil l l ead you t o abundance,prosperit y, l ove, and joy. These are t he necessary component s f or you t o f ind t he l if e work you were dest ined t o do. Discover Your "Passionat e Lif e" t hrough t he weekl y t eachings of Miriam Erraoui. Page 50 - August , 2016