The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 48

you?ll be more likely to make good decisions and avoid regretting it later. Set a timer for 30 minutes or play a music mix that takes about that time. Start anywhere, pick up an object, and decide whether you?re keeping it. If you are, put it in the proper place. If you?re not, put it into one of three piles: Toss, Donate, Sell. Keep doing this until the timer rings or the music stops. Congratulate yourself because you?re done clearing for the day. Take the ?Toss? items out to the trash, place the ?Donate? items in the similarly-labeled box (when the box is near full call your favorite charity and arrange for a pick up). If you have things in your ?Sell? box you should list them on eBay, Craig?s List, or similar sites ? but I advise most people to skip this because it could ultimately lead to more clutter. Give It Time. Whether you?re grieving over the death of a loved one, mourning the loss of favorite possessions when downsizing, or facing the reality of getting rid of your children?s ?stuff? when facing an empty-nest, there may be some objects that you can?t deal with right then. This is the time to create a fourth pile marked ?Decide? and place these objects here as you clear. When you?re done clearing, pack away the items in the ?Decide? pile and don?t thing about it. In about six months - or when you?re ready - open the box and make some decisions about the contents. Toss any obvious junk, donate items without any sentimental attachment, and keep the remaining things. Save t he Best and Digit ize t he Rest . When you have a large collection, like every birthday card your daddy ever sent or every piece of your Page 48 - August , 2016 child's art, try keeping one object to represent all of them. Pick a favorite and toss the rest. Take digital images of sentimental things, both to save space and so you won?t worry about fading. You can also find on-line sites where you can make keepsake books with children?s artwork or photos. Sometimes, it's easier to part with beloved objects if you know that someone else is going to get them. It?s okay to ask your relatives and friends if they want your family items, but distribute these with care. Remember that sometimes one person's stuff becomes ? you guessed it - another person's clutter. Carol Ol mst ead is a Feng Shui Master Practitioner and author of the award-winning book, the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office: Secrets For Attracting Wealth, Harmony, and Love, which is available at The ?Cl ut t er Cl inic? chapter includes Carol?s step-by-step clutter clearing process. Find out more about Carol?s real-world approach to Feng Shui at www.FengShuiForReal Lif