The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 40

She was euthanized almost immediately after being left at the shelter, and her spirit is now with you and your daughter. Sky?s spirit is very calm, gentle and happy. She told me the reason she was so incorrigible was because she had feral cat DNA in her. That would explain why she was so uncomfortable around most humans. At her core, she was a wild animal. It sounds like you all made the best decisions you could based on your individual circumstances. Enjoy Sky?s spirit being around you. I promise you won?t have any allergic reactions to her in her current state. Dear Jul ie: Dear Ju lie: I have a quest ion about a beaut if ul gray cat wit h gol den eyes named Sky. Al t hough I am super al l ergic, Sky l ived wit h us f or 5 years. Sky was very t emperament al . She hissed, scrat ched, and arched her back a l ot . She'd of t en hide in t he cl oset and work hersel f up wit h vomit ing and drool ing. As t he years went by, my al l ergies got worse. When I coul dn't cont inue, my daught er t ook her. Onl y probl em was she was now l iving wit h her f iancé and he had a Great Dane. The t wo pet s didn?t get al ong. We al l knew if Sky went t o a shel t er she woul dn?t be adopt ed because she was so mean. Try as we may, we never f ound a no-kil l shel t er t hat woul d t ake her. Event ual l y, af t er a year t hey gave her t o t he humane societ y. My quest ion is, has Sky been put down or were t hey abl e t o f ind her a home? Bot h my husband and I heard her meow a coupl e of t imes at our house af t er she was t aken t o t he shel t er and my daught er heard her 3 t imes af t erwards as wel l . Is Sky okay? Reba f rom Houst on, TX Hi Reba, You get a mother of the year award for taking care of Sky in spite of your allergies. Page 40 - August , 2016 My ex-spouse Robert has Al zheimer?s disease. Today he wasn't abl e t o swal l ow f ood or wat er. My daught er wonders if she shoul d go see him? She l ives about 5 hours away. How much t ime does he have? Is he dying? Is t here somet hing he needs t o hear or see bef ore he goes? Any guidance you can give us woul d be very hel pf ul . Robert ?s wif e Dot t i has been in t ouch wit h us about his current st at us. Thanks. Mel da f rom Danvil l e, CA Hi Melda, I connected to Robert through you. He is indeed dying and is in Phase 8 of the 12 Phases of Transit ion. Please go to my website, askjul to see graphics for each phase. Robert?s spirit is out of his body and is attached to the top of his head. It looks like a cartoon bubble that holds the words a character is either saying or thinking. Robert?s deceased parents are at his feet and anchor a horseshoe of angels that are the front line of the spirits of many deceased family and friends. In addition, the spirits of every pet Robert has ever had in his life are present too. They?re off to his left behind the angels. I call this the ?Welcome to Heaven? committee. Two additional angels are on either side of his