The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 36

Twelve Paths to Sanit y By M ar tin N eil Cam pbell We have seen the financial collapse of countries, the middle class and our way of life. Low income jobs have become the norm. As baby boomers retire, many are becoming destitute. Our societies are on the verge of collapse, from debts, infighting, polarized political views and from corporate self interest. Nevert hel ess, t here is a l ight at t he end of t he t unnel - and no - it is not a t rain. We can choose t o change who we are. Here are my Twel ve St eps t o Sanit y - t hey hel p connect us t o oursel ves and each ot her in a peacef ul and l oving way. Pat h One - Nurt ure Love The oceans are dying and climate change is causing widespread disasters. Much of our food is Love is the cornerstone of creation. At our center, we are love. It detrimental to eat, we have road rage, horrible is the greatest power working conditions and mass shootings daily. we have to create People are over worried and stressed. In addition what we desire and to the above, many are facing some of life's the self awareness of personal stresses, such as the death of a loved who we desire to one, a job loss or failed relationship. become. It has been People are over stressed and this has been shown stated throughout to create diminished mental clarity and history - nothing is as deteriorating bodies. Prolonged stress is a proven powerful as love. risk factor in substance abuse and it collapses the Nonetheless, love was never meant to be boxed immune system. This leaves our bodies in for one person, or even two or three or four. vulnerable to multiple diseases and illnesses, Love of all allows you to experience true joy, including colds, flues, heart disease and cancer. Page 36 - August , 2016