The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 32

Do Y o u H av e t o Get a N ew C a r t o U p Y o u r V ibe? By C a ssie Pa r k s Have you ever thought you had to give up a part of yourself or your life that you loved in order to attract or achieve something else? I think there is a lot out there that tells people if you want this you have to give up that. It?s often said about personality traits, friends and possessions. I never liked that. It never felt good to me. I think that as you grow some things naturally change. As you step into your future self, you feel called to let somethings and people go. That is okay and natural. However, I don?t think the Universe ever says if you want x, you must give up y. The ultimate fuel to attract your most desired dreams is to be happy. If you have to give up what makes you happy in order to get something else that is going to make you happy, what is the point? The whole reason you want clients, a new house or that trip you have been thinking of is to add more joy into your life. You can?t get there by excluding joy. This is why I moved into the Four Seasons AND I still drive my ?05 Jeep Wrangler. I love my jeep. When I bought it, I was really making a stand for what I wanted in my life and silencing the voices of other people. In many ways it was the start of me defining what happiness looks like for myself. Have I mentioned I love it? It?s not fancy, by most standards, and if I was a different person I might feel bad when the valet pulls the jeep around in a sea of expensive sports cars. I don?t because the Page 32 - August , 2016