The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 30

lifetime trying to be something that I?m not. Death made me reevaluate what is actually important in life. When we don?t realize this? that death is the ultimate leveler? our priorities are very different. But once we have a glimpse of it and actually experience it and bring that feeling back with us, we realize: Wow! All these things that I thought mattered actually have no significance on the other side! It rearranges all our priorities in life? how we live, how we deal with our emotions, everything. Having already faced death, I now know that spending a lifetime of always playing it safe, for example, by choosing the safest career, by pleasing people, worrying about what everyone else thinks of me, meeting everyone else?s expectations except my own, being what everyone else wanted me to be, etc. felt like a totally wasted life. I feel so blessed to have been given a second chance, because most people don?t ge BF6R&6vVࠧFWV&FBW76F2FRFW'7VRגG&V2fR&RVv&R@FRƖfR66W&W6ǒBƗfRfV&W76ǒW"ƖfR2W"&W"C2W"vgBFFPVfW'6RvRvRBFW'6VfW2@WfW'R&VBW2F&RB7&V@vR3VwW7B#`FB&VB66BW2SF&v2&&6v&RbF&VG2fVBFrrBFRvPbGvB2ƗfVBpr7BbW"ƖfR&V6W6PbW"&6w&VBB'&F6VGV6F6R2VFƖwVBw&WrW7VrVvƗ66FW6RBFFV7B6VFVW6Ǔ6PFW"V&VBg&V6B66FB&VVv&rFR6'&FRv&Bf"V'0&Vf&R&VrFv6VBvF66W"&#"आW"f66FrBfrV"FVFWW&V6PV&ǒ#bG&VVFW6ǒ6vVBW"W'7V7FfPƖfRBW"v&2rw&VBvFFPFWF2@6vG26PvVBvRFRFW"&V2&W7VBbW V"FVFWW&V6RF2gFVfFVBF7V@6fW&V6W2@WfVG2&V@FRv&RF6&RW"6vG26RFBWFV6fRFW'2vFG"vRGW"v6R6VBW"g&VBBVF"gFVV&rvF7FvR6R26g&WVVBwVW7BBFRVfW'6G`rs2FW'FVBb&Vf&66V6W27VrF727V62FVƖrvFFW&֖W72f6rFVFBFR76wb7&GV&VƖVg26R2FRV&FVBbFRG'WFFBvPfRFRW"vW"Bv6FFfW&6PWfVƖfS27BGfW'6R6GVF226S2FPƗfr&bbF276&ƗGF7W'&VFǒƗfW0rrvFW"W6&BBvV6S2@G&fVƖrB7VrB6fW&V6W26Rv&20FW&7VGW&67VFBf"VFF6'&F2&6VBFR6GvV'6FSwwrF&6Р