The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 24

A W i l t i n g Sex Li f e Doesn ?t Have To Be You r Real i t y By El l en Wood, Feat u r ed Col u m n i st Somehow our society has accepted the idea that when we get into middle age and beyond, sex becomes less exciting, less pleasurable, less possible. And if that?s what people keep affirming, that?s what they get. It?s the Law of Attraction at work. A wilting sex life doesn?t have to be your reality and there are scientific studies that prove this. We can still enjoy passionate sex into our 80s and beyond. Lovemaking actually stirs up the life force within and can help us to grow younger. Catching ourselves whenever old programming surfaces is an important part of growing younger. Here?s one ?affirmation? that?s not expressed openly, but can be subtly damaging our libido, Sex is a problem; I must be getting old. An unintentional affirmation works just as well as intentional ones do. I keep forgetting where I put my glasses is one of those. You might couch it in stronger terms than I just did but remember, you are affirming something you don?t want to do. The intensity of your feeling, in this case frustration, and how often you say it, will determine the magnitude of your manifestation. Your memory Page 24 - August , 2016 will most likely become worse if you keep repeating that it?s always forgetting things. Intentional affirmations will not work to their full potential unless you become aware of your mind chatter which could be contradicting what you really want. Let me put it this way: your moment to moment thoughts are all affirmations, and affirmations can be negative too. If they are self-defeating thoughts, you?re accumulating quite a bit of negative momentum. So catch yourself whenever you?re saying something negative about yourself or worrying about what might happen as you get older. You can use those moments when you catch yourself to turn the thought into a positive affirmation. Let?s say you catch yourself thinking: I?ll never be able to finish a Sudoku puzzle. Red flag goes up. Now is your opportunity to create a positive affirmation: I?m getting better at Sudoku all the time! This negates the defeating thought and eventually you?ll have evidence that you can finish a Sudoku. Here?s an example of a mindless affirmation I heard in the ladies room at the hotel in Albuquerque right before I gave a keynote address for the New Mexico Department of Aging. A woman was