The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 18

Bef ore: I also have been grieving over the loss of my beloved bird (Lady Gnawbington) and a lung showed up very clearly. The emotion associated with the lungs is grief. Bef ore: There were also some old emotions that I had closed off that were coming to the surface. Af t er: Lastly, there were numerous areas of red ?rust spots?. These have to do with the lungs opening up and cleansing some of my grief over the loss of my bird. It was an excellent session that had a profound effect on me personally, and the changes were confirmed with the blood and the Bio-Well. Hypnosis can improve t he overal l heal t h of a person and shoul d be considered as a compl iment t o any ongoing t reat ment so t hat st uck emot ions can be rel eased al l owing t he body t o begin heal ing it sel f . As I l ooked at my bl ood af t er t he session I was del ight ed t hat some very nice changes occurred. There was much less fatigue on the periphery of the slide indicating my 'gas tank?, or reserve energy, had greatly improved. The colon still showed up but it did not dominate the slide as much, indicating the body was less concerned about it. Af t er: There were significant areas of what we call "break up" through-out the slide. These indicate the closed off emotions we had seen be- fore the session were released and were breaking up. Af t er: There was a lot of streaking indicating we had released a block or disturbance field in my b` ody, and the garbage or debris that was backing up was now being released. Page 18 - August , 2016 As individuals, we know our emotions can have a huge impact on our lives. I think of the science fiction movies where aliens takeover our bodies and remove our emotions to create a perfect society. Our emotions can definitely interfere with our lives and health, but a life and world without emotions would be extremely boring. Knowing that the effect of emotions can have on our body has been proven, the question is how do you use this knowledge? The trick is to become aware that you are having an emotional episode in order to separate yourself from it. Many times we identify ourselves with that emotion. ?I am angry?, ?I am frustrated?, or ?I am sad.? The reality is YOU are not any of those things, you just happen to have that emotion in you at the moment. ?I have some anger in me at the moment?, ?I have some frustration in me at the moment?, ?I have sadness in me at the moment, ? Doing this does not give power to the emotion. Identifying yourself as the emo-