The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 14

feeling negative. The process looks like this ~ - - investigate the gift. (Ex. There is a bul l y at school t hat picks on weak An unpleasant sensation surges through kids. How is t hat bul l y hel ping you def ine your my body. own st rengt hs?) I notice the thought that triggered the An adult version might be the disappointment of negative whoosh. having someone you trusted gossip about you. In release the demand to be ?Right?or the releasing the betrayal what are you learning need that another other person validates about the human spirit and your own ability to my point of view. trade in hurt and judgment for compassionate I shift to a more positive scenario in my detachment? mind. I trust that everything works 2. Tal k about Inner Guidance Fear is pervasive out for the highest good. as an Invisibl e Friend. Make in our cul t ure. It does up a story about the super As soon as I bring myself to that place, I get busy doing not prot ect . It creat es hero that lives inside you. something non related to the Grant it special powers to a moment um t hat original subject so I don?t fall reveal the truth in every brings more scary back into the quicksand of situation. Get really still so manif est at ions t hat fear. you can hear the secrets just if y more worry. he/ she wants you to know. Sometimes this process takes days When you tuck your child in because I am not willing to move at night spend time sharing out of my position or re-frame my story. More often than not, it only takes minutes with each other what you learned from your all because I have experienced the relief that comes knowing super buddy that day. by shifting my thoughts and projections. When I 3. Treat yoursel ves t o a personal wand. Teach am in a really good place it happens in a flash. your kids t he meaning of ?Abracadabra.? ?I The more I do this the easier it gets. It takes lots create as I speak.? Let them wave their wand and of practice! speak what they want out loud. You do it too. It Since my life?s work and my soul?s passion is to empower moms and dads in raising children wh o are emotionally healthy and energy savvy, I?ve created strategies that can turn fear based parenting ?lectures?into a daily practice of authentic positivity. This leading edge wisdom combines the best of traditional child development theory with the continually evolving knowledge from the field of quantum possibility. creates a family atmosphere of delightful expectations. (Ex. I wil l get an A on my geomet ry t est . I want ice cream f or dinner every night t his week) The expression of these desires can lead to conversations around getting lined up with intention and the relationship between what they want and what they believe will manifest. (Several years ago I manifested a fabulous red Mercedes convertible. I know this stuff works! If you want to borrow my wand, let me know!) 1. See chal l enges as gif t s in ugl y wrapping paper. Wonder out loud about the growth 4. Remind your chil dren t o t rust t heir inst inct s, potential hidden inside your problematic situation. Mentally throw away the wrappings and even if it conf l ict s wit h what you want t hem t o do. This is a tough one for parents because we Page 14 - August , 2016