The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 12

Th e 1-2-3's of Teach i n g Law of At t r act i on To Ch i l dr en By San di Sch w ar t z, M .A., Ed. "Mommy, look at me. Look what I can do.? ?Oh, be careful little one. You could get hurt.? ?When I grow up I am going to be an astronaut.? Oh yes. These are snippet s of real conversations between parents and children. I confess to you that I actually spoke some of these words to my own kids. You see, I raised my children before I knew about the laws of the Universe and the way that energy works. Thirty five years ago I thought that ?Can I drive myself to the movies Saturday a mom?s job was to keep her children safe and night?? the most natural way to protect them was by ?Are you kidding? They all drive drunk on the worrying and reminding them of the dangers lurking in the world. I had no knowledge that weekend. You could get yourself killed.? living with fearful thoughts only revved up the ?I?d like to spend my last semester in Nepal and momentum that brought more things to worry Tibet.? about. ?Don?t talk to strangers. They could take ?I?m not letting you go to a Third World country! you away and you?ll never see mommy and I would be worried about your safety the entire daddy again.? time you were there!? ?Well, you?d better start getting higher grades in school, young man.? Page 12 - August , 2016