The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2016 - Page 10

higher vibration every day of your practice. Body Knowl edge Syst em® Brings You Back t o You The basic principle in the Body Knowledge System® is ending the estrangement between you and your body. Reuniting you with your body is as easy as re-establishing the open communication you were born with---the energy that raised your vibration so positively as an infant. Most of us live our lives unaware of our body?s importance, until something goes wrong. Illness, injury, or chronic pain gets our immediate attention, and as our body?s caregiver THEN we divert our attention to remedying the situation. Perhaps our lack of constant communication with our bodies allowed us to miss her earlier attempts at alerting us of an imbalance that resulted in this distraction. Holistic and integrative medical theory supports the importance of considering the entire person when considering treatment for illness or injury. Logically, whole body unity should contribute to improving our daily lives as well. The Body Knowledge System® approaches the concept of body image from the holistic point of view. In order to improve our body image, the first step is going within to raise our personal vibration. As in all things pertaining to the Law of Attraction, it occurs in the present a B&GV6W0&W7VG2FRgWGW&Rࠤ667BWRvBrBR6&@""BWWr"ࠣRW7BfR&VV&VWFgV&'62&'BRrW&6W &VvW"F&6FW"&'F&vBFR&W7B&GvR'6F7Fr667FWRvBbRvBFrvBW"&GvƖRF'&rBW"FVvG2FFf&fW& g&FR6&&Fb'FW'6&WGvVVFRVfW'6rbGG&7FBFR&GvVFvR77FV*ࠤ667BWRvB4b6W'BbVB66422&G`'W6W7266f"VG&W&VWW&VBvVWF"`&GvVFvR77FV*vW6RFVƖvV6RआW"&V2RF7FFR7G'VvvRvFW"&GFvưvF6fFV6RF6&RW"VVRFVG2vFFRv&BrRFVRvFW"&G77VW26F7BSӃcbsb44"667BWUvDv6f6Cwwr&GvR6ХvRVwW7B#`