The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2015 - Page 53

opinion of your Moderate Active friend or lover. They will consider the situation from a more relaxed and methodical place and may have some very valuable insight for you that you completely overlooked. Conversat ions and Empat hy: Moderate Active people are typically very methodical. This requires patience and compassion from Super Active partners. Super Active people pick up things quickly and can typically finish a sentence for someone before they are done. They often know what you're thinking and are quick to have an opinion. Moderate Active people can easily mistake this as not being listened to. This is rarely the case. No matter what your Activity Level, empathy is an important ingredient in any healthy relationship. When a personfine-tunes and demonstrates their listening skills people are touched, feel supported and discover things they may not have seen on their own. With these insights no love is lost. Love is enhanced! If you want to know more about your energetic similarities and differences, and how to navigate challenges that come up, please consider anEnergetic Romance Report. This 38 to 90-page report goes into detail about how to best connect with your partners and how to keep the love alive and flourishing. You can find the report: products/ energetic-romance-report/ AKA ?The Love Shepherd? Larry Michel is the founder of the School of Genetic Energetics, a Master ERP? and host of The Larry Love Show. He?s a breakthrough relationship coach, author, trainer, speaker and producer. As the Founder and voice of he?s brought to the world the only scientifically proven online compatibility system that unlocks the mysteries and reveals the true motivations behind our actions, from devastating emotional upsets to our most joyous and blissful experiences. Larry?s driving passion? to help people break free of their stories and experience all the benefits of true love. Page 53 - August , 2015