The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2015 - Page 51

Thi s feel s so easy... Pl ease, make i t al ways be t hi s way? By Larry M i chel "OMG ? it was so easy to talk and travel together, like we were completely in the flow with each other. But the best was feeling like they just 'got me.' I felt seen and appreciated. It was really special." This was the response when I asked, "How was your vacation together?" What is so incredible about this response is not what they said, but how many times I hear almost identical comments when two people share the same a Lifestyle Trait, which in the field of Genetic Energetics, we call Activity Level. If you are already familiar with this amazing science, you already know which are you. If not, take a few moments before you read on to quickly find out. It's completely free at You can use this link to go right to the page that will tell you. http:/ / view/ personalenergeticprofile/ While you are doing that, I want to talk about how your Activity Level can impact your life. You are either a Moderate Active or Super Active person. Is one any better than the other? No! If you are with someone that is different than you, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Again, No! With all energetics, we can decide to focus on the challenge or the benefits. Both of the Activity Levels have many benefits. If there's a challenge, someone has not taken the time to truly appreciate you, and believe me, there's plenty to appreciate... How does this all play out? Let's say you're having a party that starts in 45 minutes. You?re making your special guacamole recipe and discover you forgot the limes and cilantro. Who should run to the grocery store, a Moderate Active person or a Super Active person? "Super Active" is the correct answer. They will run in, get the limes and the cilantro and get out. In fact it will happen so quickly, you hardly knew they were gone. The guac gets finished in plenty of time. If you are Moderate Active you have a few minutes to relax before the guests arrive. If you are Super Active, you feel great because you now have extra time to prepare a few more items. Now, if you had sent a Moderate Active friend or lover to the store, they would have gone in, found the limes and cilantro, but also noticed other items they thought they needed. Instead of two items, they may have ended up with a bag or two of groceries and returned to the party 30 or 40 minutes later. If you're Super Active, you would have been stressed wondering what was taking Page 51 - August , 2015