The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2015 - Page 47

spiritual beings first and foremost. Connecting to your spiritual self on a regular basis through meditation, in order to ask for spiritual aid from the Angels, God or Source (or all 3 as I do), you are tapping into the your divine intuition providing you the authentic answers that serve your greater good. I?m sure you will discover, as I did, that connecting to this awesome power is more enjoyable than zoning out in front of the TV! Coach Rita Hurry is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach who was recently awarded the prestigious "Best LOA Coach 2015" by Law of Attraction Leaders. She can also be found as the Radio Personality of the Missing Link to the Law of Attraction on Law of Attraction Radio Network by going to coach-rita to hear all her previous shows. Please visit her website for more information at http:/ / Page 47 - August , 2015