The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2015 - Page 42

TOUCHI NG THE W ORLD Dear Jewels, My humanitarian journey has now taken me to Nepal post their two big earthquakes. It's a mess and the jolts continue causing everyone to remain in a state of fear. But the resilience and compassion of the Nepali people is not shaken in the least, the warm welcome, the broad smiles, the sharing of the little food they have remains the same. This is the most humbling and heartwarming of experiences. So here is their story from the front line. Sending love across the miles...Linda Forgotten Families 10 minutes from death, the story of baby Arrush, a day of extremes and another lesson in gratitude in Nepal. Salty sweat is pouring from my forehead making my eyes sting. My vision blurred, I stumble as I climb over a mound of slippery mud covered broken bricks, all that remains of Sitashmas family home that was flattened by the quake. This young tiny Mum tells me how she had walked out of her parents house carrying her 8 month old baby just 10 minutes before it collapsed. As she pulls her small baby Arrush closer to her chest, she shares her daily prayer of thanks for them both being saved from certain death. The arrival of our jeep to this remote mountain village of Devpur, standing at an altitude of 1,800 metres has created quite a stir. Since one group came and delivered rice to the village seven days after the first earthquake no one has been near them. It was a tough route to get there, especially the last 8kms, a steep dirt track made slippery and unstable by the heavy rains and deep mud tracks littered by large stones hurled down the mountainside by the landslides. Nepali friends had approached many jeep companies to take us there but on hearing the required destination all refused saying that it was too difficult. Determined to reach our destination, we did not give up until we found one fearless and thankfully experienced driver who would take us there. Crammed into the jeep we bounced, slipped and maneuvered our way slowly up the track only needing to get out and push once. I must admit I kept my eyes firmly closed at times when the cliff edge seemed a little too close. The driver was fearless. Page 42 - August , 2015