The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2015 - Page 3

TABLEO FCO NTENTS Is t here Scient if ic Proof f or t he Law of At t ract ion By Srini Pil l ay 4 Weal t h is a St at e of Being By Weal t h Consciousness Universit y 6 Uwe Al brecht , M.D., brings NEW Heal ing Technique t o America 10 Wil t ing Sex Lif e? El l en Woods 14 The Science of Heaven On Eart h Dr. Bruce Lipt on 16 The Myst ery Behind t he 8 Doct ors Deat h Edit or-in-Chief Highl y Recommended & Must Read Books 20 24 August & Sept ember Ast rol ogy Forecast By Int ernat ional Ast rol oger Manish Kamur Arora 26 6 St eps in Being t he Change 28 Reveal ing 1932 Int erview of Nikol a Tesl a Al bert Einst ein's Love Let t er t o His Daught er 32 40 Linda Cruse in Nepal Humanit arian Mission 42 Are You Waking Up During t he Night Check you Organ Cl ock 44 The Answers Lie wit hin Medit at ion 46 Jewels Johnson, Editor-in-Chief W hat an exciting tim e to be alive! Have you notice that hidden secr ets of cor r uption ar e now r evealing itself to us? W hat's m or e am azing, is that even though M ain Str eam M edia is not r epor ting on this, W E STILL ar e finding out. That's the pow er of the Law of Attr action. Its so w onder ful to becom e aw ar e of the tr uth. W hen you ar e open to r eceiving infor m ation that you once thought w ould be difficult or fr ightening, then it star ts flow ing AND w e land in a place of aw ar eness w her e w e know w hat w e don't w ant and know w hat w e do! We have som e fantastic ar ticles, based in science, to help you fully under stand the Law of Attr action as w e m er ge into a delightful futur e. We ar e tr uly becom ing united and this is just w ant the Univer se or der. Som etim es w e just have to see things in a new per spective to allow the collective consciousness to change into the place w her e w e ar e thr iving. So this issue is all about...Don't get m ad... just becom e aw ar e. Don't fall into the victim tr ap because that is pr ecisely w her e w e get divided. It's tim e to com e together for this gener ation and futur e ones. ~Jew els Coach Rit a Hurry What You Are Not Being Tol d About t he Law of At t ract ion 48 Joe Mart ino The Amazing Science of Genet ic Energet ics - Secret t o Great Rel at ionships By Larry Michel 51 Resul t s of Worl d's Largest Near Deat h Experiences St udy Publ ished By Dr. Jerry Nol an 54 For Questions or Comments, please feel free to contact us at: Th e Sci en ce Beh i n d Law of At t r act i on M agazi n e Jew el s Joh n son , Edi t or -I n -Ch i ef Ri t a Hu r r y, VP of Adver t i si n g Pam Som m er s - Ad Ex ec St even Li k i ar dopou l os, Gr aph i cs/Au di o/Vi deo Page 3 - August , 2015