The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2015 - Page 28

6 St ep s t o Beg i n M ak i n g Ch an g e NOW By Jo e M ar t i n o Co l l ect i v e-Ev o l u t i o n .co m We have created 6 early steps to begin moving towards a new world. These are things that you can begin doing today that will make a huge impact on our world as we all start doing them. Don?t underestimate the power of small actions. We will be expanding and adding more information to this resource center as time goes on, so check back often. Every time we spend money on something we are casting a vote. By supporting companies, products and organizations that are not in alignment with creating a clean and peaceful world, we are essentially voting for what they represent and for the world they are creating with their products. For example: If we support GMO foods in any form, we are voting not only for unhealthy foods but for The reality is, the more we learn about how our world really environmental degradation and the empowerment of works and spread this awareness and information to others, companies who do not care about our world. Or, if a the easier it will be to create a critical mass of people with the company is creating products with materials that are knowledge to begin doing things differently. Most of us are harmful to environment and we buy them, we are keeping still unaware of the fact that things can be different and that them in business and are essentially voting for this to the way things are currently is not of the best interest of all. continue. Don?t be afraid to spend a little extra on the How: Share the documentary you just watched with others. products of companies who are doing things Use alternative news sources like and harmoniously, this assists everyone in the long run. others, and get access to information that reveals important It is also good to consider not buying needlessly. It is information we need to know. Use social media and easy for us to always want to latest greatest of certain conversation to spread this awareness to others. products, but do we really need them? If we can ask 2. Vot e Wit h Your Dol l ars. Use Your Money To Show Support . ourselves whether or not we truly need to buy a product it 1. Cont inue Learning & Spreading Awareness Page 28 - August , 2015