The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2015 - Page 17

Four Minds Don?t Think Alike relinquishes behavioral control to default programs previously stored in the subconscious mind. When it comes to partners, there are suddenly four instead of You had the good vibes going. You were high from the love two minds involved. And these two ?extra? potions coursing through your body. You were humming all subconscious minds can wreak havoc on the crazy-in-love songs you?ve ever heard and for once they happily-ever-after made total sense. You had relationships. When our created The Honeymoon Effect conscious minds stop paying with the love of your life and attention to the moment, we you knew that this time it was lose control over our going to last forever. Except it honeymoon creation because didn?t. It all came crashing we unknowingly engage in The Magic of f irst Love is down, and you were left preprogrammed behaviors we devastated and obsessed with our ignorance t hat it can acquired through our what might have been. And developmental experiences. puzzled: how could something ever end For many couples, once that so magical degenerate into subconscious programming endless, bickering comes to the fore, the recriminations and, if you were honeymoon glow fades very married, divorce court? After quickly. That?s not surprising all, you wanted it to work. You because the behaviors programmed in the subconscious believed it would work. Maybe The Biology of Be