The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine August, 2015 - Page 11

conventional medicine, he became disillusioned by only treating the symptoms that begat more symptoms from the drugs. It was a merry-go-round that was not effective and it made Uwe extremely unsatisfied as a physician. Thus began his search into actual healing methods. In addition to his medical studies at the university, he started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine for several years? or to be more precise, its philosophy, pathology and medicinal herbs. Uwe?s passion then evolved into understanding naturopathic and homeopathic treatments in which the body could heal. He continued his conventional medicine training working in 3 different hospitals at the time. In Berlin, he learned to base his personal therapies on the most recent studies and literally forgetting the older studies. This was a new way of thinking in conventional medicine! He carried out two Clinical studies to examine the correlations between focal infections, chronic inflammations and the reflex zones in the throat and neck area AND a study that prove the effectiveness of cupping therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome. The success of these studies resulted in being published internationally and allowed him great recognition in order to continue to meet many well known naturopathic and homeopathic physicians in Europe. such as blood work or lab work and even diagnostic radiation (X-rays). He also did not prescribe any drugs or medications to his patients knowing that it would NOT heal the cause of the illness and only allow the REAL cause to manifest into something else within the body. Uwe?s desire to bring his self healing system to the world became his new passion which allowed patients to talk to their subconscious through the body using small unique numbered cards. A therapist picks out a number of cards intuitively and places it on their body where the body and subconscious read the code. Even more exciting is copying the healing symphony frequencies onto a holographic amulet. The Innerwise System truly shows how powerful each individual is in their ability to heal their bodies. As he explains in his book, A Course in Healing: Energy Medicine for Everyone, ?Energy Medicine is the healing art of the 21st Century. Everyone can learn and expand on how to allow their body to heal themselves.? ?Since the beginning of time, humanity has been familiar with energy healing methods, and although the manifestation of them is diverse in different cultures, Through all this, he learned how the body communicates what is happening within its own electromagnetic field through muscle testing or what he has determined to be more accurate, the arm-length test. His experiences in a clinic for rheumatic diseases dealt primarily with cases of autoimmune diseas \